Corsican Media House is the newest most dynamic multimedia firm in a forever-changing market eager for inventive ideas, creative vision and passion for our clients.  We are a full service graphic layout, web design and video production firm that specializes in advertising, corporate branding and multi-visual innovation!


Imagination is Key.

We believe that abstract ideas paired with the creative thought process make for stunning visuals.  We are extremely passionate about creating dreamlike visuals that are not only appealing to the eye but also communicates your message properly.

Quality Work.

Corsican Media House's number one priority is building a consistent and warm rapport with our clients which allows us to bring a brands vision to life.  We promise to ensure that each project receives the right amount of time and dedication it deserves.  Your project ultimately becomes our project and we make sure that every ounce of detail is truly a unique labor of love.

Video lives on.

Corsican Media House is a POWERHOUSE when it comes to technical expertise and aesthetic quality in our videos.  We strive to change the way people react, think, feel and behave in response to our visual content.  We work with our clients and budgets both large or small to ensure a beautifully polished production.

Help us Help You.

The marketing/branding industry is nowhere near new, however quite a lot has changed since Gutenberg’s metal movable type, which lead to the mass production of flyers and brochures. Now with technology changing, allowing us to reach the masses at the speed of light, consumers do not always respond as favorably as business owner’s hope.

At Corsican Media House we develop top of the line Marketing and Identity Packages for start-ups and established individuals and businesses in search of a fresh new sense of style and visual language that reflects the qualities of the brand or product. A consistent rapport and warm market approach allows us the opportunity to bring a brand vision to life.  The world is getting smarter and faster and our clients are forced to reach customers on a variety of platforms.  We fully research the consumer market to collaborate with our clients to generate the right look that will represent your company well and build brand loyalty with your customers.

Design Matters.

Creating effective promotional content and brochure layouts are no easy task and can be extremely tedious when trying to plan for a fast approaching deadline.  We understand!  At Corsican Media House we work with you and your budget to design stunning promotional content that will evoke substantial consumer feedback for our clients whether for a college campus event, club party, wedding invitations, etc.  You name it and we will work with our clients to make it happen!



  • There are far too many new companies that are at a disadvantage because they do not have their own internal marketing departments.  Well, say hello to Corsican Media House…

    Steven Jackson
    Steven Jackson
    Founder & CEO of Corsican Media House
  • Be so passionate about living that you don’t mind snatching life from the jaws of death. Take your life back one decision at a time.. Life is not promised

    Daquan Lawrence
    Daquan Lawrence
    Marketing Strategist / Project Manager
  • Dress to Impress! You never know where or who you may get a compliment from!

    Tatiana Reynolds
    Tatiana Reynolds
    Public Relations